GoArmy Contact Center Assistant Team Lead (Internal Hire)

Job description

Supports the GoArmy Contact Center Team Lead with maintaining GoArmy Contact Center (GACC) systems.  Responsible for aiding the Team Lead in ensuring that all channels of the contact center are staffed and achieving the service level agreements (SLAs) outlined in the performance work statement (PWS). 

Supports and aids in the execution of the GACC escalation plan by the company standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Keeps Team Lead informed by reviewing and analyzing real-time on-call/chat engagements, summarizing information, and tracking trends.


  • Must be willing to work Second Shift 
  • Must currently be part of the GoArmy Contact Center contract
  • Must complete social media training and/or have a willingness to learn GoArmy Social.
  • Team Lead Academy graduate (or currently enrolled or plan to enroll by the next class availability).
  • No Adverse Counseling/PIP within the last 6 months.
  • Must be willing to work in-office.
  • Must have updated resume submitted NLT 1600 on Friday 02 Sept, 2022. 
  • Provide all paperwork and information to your Team Lead ahead of Friday 19 Aug. 

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